Project funding

We fund projects in Berlin only. We finance medical research equiment fully or partially.

Applications for funding from the foundation can be submitted without using a form.

From now on, applications can only be submitted as PDF files by email to Please note that applications sent by fax will not be accepted.

The application should be organised as follows:

  • Project description (ca. 10 pages)
  • Current state of research
  • Applicant’s own preliminary work
  • Research schedule
  • Applicant’s CV
  • Bibliography of applicant’s own work
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Data sheet

A generally accessible summary of no more than two pages should be included. The application must include a timetable describing the stages of work to be carried out. It must be clear from the application whether the proposal is self-contained or is part of a larger project.

The application must state what material and personnel resources are available for the research work and how they have been or can be secured for the duration of the project. This includes naming all third-party funds, available basic funding of the governing research institution, performance-oriented allocations of funds and a listing of already available similar equipment. (see data sheet)   It is desirable to include further documents which contribute to an understanding of the research aims and may help the governing board arrive at its decision.

Applications seeking the procurement of equipment should make clear the extent to which an improvement or advance in the research will be obtained as a result, or the extent to which the equipment concerned promotes the use of modern examination and treatment methods. It should be indicated whether such equipment is already being used elsewhere and why it cannot be shared by the applicant.

Details about the award of funds
At least two recent quotations should be submitted. If this is not possible, a verifiable explanation for this must be given.

Please be adviced that quotations have to be valid for at least two month after the submission date.

In case of application for partial funding, the financing of the project / equipment has to be presented in the application.

Review of applications and decision by the foundation’s governing board

Applications sent to the foundation are reviewed by the foundation’s board. Usually each member of the board receives a copy of the application for individual assessment. In special cases, the board may seek an opinion from suitably qualified experts to help it arrive at its decision.

Award of funds
Depending on the type of support provided by the foundation, funding is disbursed in the following ways:

It is the applicants own responsibility to procure the equipment. The applicant must indicate the third-party funds account to the foundation to which the approved sum should be transferred. The prerequisite for this transaction is a transmission of the invoice copy to the foundation and confirmation that the equipment is in working order.

Please bear in mind that no reason will be given for rejecting an application.


Ownership of the acquired equipment and any accessories passes to the legal entity conducting the research.

If the user moves to a new location and wishes to take equipment with them, the prior consent of both the foundation and the legal entity (e.g. charity, faculty etc.) is required.

Reports regarding the use

Recipients of funding from the SONNENFELD FOUNDATION are required to submit a report about the research project and the progress achieved two years after being awarded the funds or once the research project has been completed, whichever is sooner. The report should show how the equipment provided by the foundation was used. Particular importance is placed on a clear description of the results obtained. This applies even if the foundation provided only part of the funding. Suitable publications may be accepted in place of part or all of this report.

Together with this final report, recipients of funding in the form of equipment or facilities are expected to submit a proposal for further use of the equipment.