For medical research in Berlin:
Sonnenfeld Foundation
Ferdinandstr. 31 · 12209 Berlin
Tel +49 30 895 40 408
Deutsche Bank account (Konto) 0528 752 · sort code (BLZ) 100 700 00 · IBAN: DE34 1007 0000 0052 8752 00

Dr. Christian Frhr. von Villiez
Managing director
Gabriele Bremer
Registered office, tax office:
Berlin, Tax Office for Corporations I (Finanzamt für Körperschaften I) tax number 27/641/02831

Supervisory body:
Berlin State Supervisory Authority (Staatsaufsicht)

Transparency regiser:
TRE 6400195818

Legal provisions:
Berlin Law on Foundations (Berliner Stiftungsgesetz)


Legal notice:
In a judgment dated 12 May 1998, the Regional Court of Hamburg ruled that anyone creating a link to another webpage is jointly responsible for the content of the linked site. The court explained that this can be prevented only insofar as the creator of the link expressly distances himself from the link’s content. The following applies to any links included on this webpage: “The Sonnenfeld Foundation would like to stress that it has no influence on the design and content of linked webpages. We therefore expressly distance ourselves from the content of linked webpages, including all subpages, available on the internet. This declaration applies to all links included on this homepage and to all contents of pages to which links on these websites lead.”